Mind Map Vocab Project

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Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Mind Map Vocab Project

1. Levels of Organization Pyramid

1.1. Organism

1.1.1. any for of life

1.2. Population

1.2.1. group of individual of the same species found in a given area or located in the same area

1.3. Community

1.3.1. population of living organisms that interact with one another

1.4. Ecosystem

1.4.1. group of living organisms that interact with one another and the non-living physical envirnment

1.5. Biome

1.5.1. region of Earth were plants and animals live

1.6. Biosphere

1.6.1. layer of soil, water, and air that sustain life

2. Food Chain

2.1. Definition: Show the sequence in which energy is transferred from one organism to the next as one eats the other

2.2. Example of Food Chain

2.2.1. Sun Grass Cow

3. Food Web

3.1. Definition- a whole bunch of food chains. They show us that organisms eat a lot mor than just one thing

4. Trphic Level Pyramid

4.1. Producer (plants)

4.1.1. An organism that produces it's own energy from the sun.

4.2. Primary Consumer (1 degree)

4.2.1. An organism that eats a producer.

4.3. Secondary Consumer (2 degree)

4.3.1. An organism that eats primary consumers.

4.4. Tertiary Consumer (3 degree)

4.4.1. Eats the secondary consumers.

5. Biomes

5.1. Rainforest- Queets Rainforest

5.2. Temperate Diciduous Forest- Pennsylvania Forest

5.3. Coniferous Forest

5.4. Desert- Nambi

5.5. Tundra the orange spots are tundras

5.6. Grasslands/Savannah

5.7. Freshwater Biome light blue spots are freshwater biomes

5.8. Marine Biome

6. Abiotic/Biotic Factors

6.1. Abiotic Factors- the nonliving parts of an ecosystem

6.2. Biotic Factors- the living parts of an ecosystem

7. Biodiversity

7.1. Diversity among and within plant and animal species in an envirnment

7.2. Hot Spots- a place where population is growing rapidly

8. Succession

8.1. Primary

8.1.1. occurs in a place where an ecosystem has never excisted

8.2. Secondary

8.2.1. begins in places when something has disturbed or destroyed the nature

8.3. Climax Community

8.3.1. At the end of primary or secondary succession it becomes this

8.4. Definition- a process in which the communitites of an ecosystem changes overtime

9. Limiting Factors

9.1. Carrying Compacity

9.1.1. The highest amount of people an ecosystem can hold while still functioning well

9.2. Definition- conditions of the enivirnment that limit the grow of a species

9.3. Pioneer Species

9.3.1. Species that is native to an area

9.4. Hot Spots

9.4.1. A place where species are growing rapidly

10. Population Growth

10.1. Definition- an increase of people in a territory or state

10.2. Black Plague

10.2.1. A disease that killed the most amount of humans ever

10.3. Industrial Revolution

10.3.1. The period where the population soared in U.S. history

11. Exponential Growth

11.1. Definiton- increase in population at a rapid rate

11.2. Sustainability

11.2.1. to be able to hold up with the conditions

11.3. Logistic Growth

11.4. J-Curve

11.5. S-Curve

11.6. Population growth rate

11.6.1. Population that growth over time

12. Water Pollution

12.1. definition- contaiminaton of water

12.2. Aquifer

12.2.1. The desaltation of water

12.3. Point Source pollution

12.4. Non-Point Solution