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Ideas for Future Blog Entries by Mind Map: Ideas for Future Blog Entries

1. Persona 3

1.1. RPG & sim as destiny blank slate

1.2. Tarot

1.2.1. (0) - Fool

1.2.2. (1) - Magician

1.2.3. (8) - Strength

1.2.4. (18) - Moon

1.2.5. (13) - Death

2. Violence

2.1. & Hiphop

2.2. as a verb

2.3. as culture

3. Sexism

3.1. Dominant power does something wrong / perceived as wrong

3.1.1. Response from some minority group OP: we didn't do anything wrong Minority: all i'm saying is there's a long history of this sort of language against us Fans: HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE OP OF DOING SOMETHING WRONG CENSORSHIP CENSORSHIP CENSORSHIP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS

3.2. The fact that this structure exists and is so common is certainly proof of some sort of social equilibrium

3.2.1. The fact that the structure inevitably leads towards gendered language is really troubling Madonna/Whore complex Fat, slutty or ugly Systematic use of the term "feminist" as an insult, often coupled with the above and/or nazi??? YES "WHORE", "SLUT", "CUNT", "PUSSY", and "BITCH" ARE ALL GENDERED

4. Eternal Sonata

4.1. usability BLOWZZZ