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ESL Classroom Presentation by Mind Map: ESL Classroom
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ESL Classroom Presentation

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1.Provide learnes with the opportunity and challenge to produce a presentation. 2. For learners to demonstrate an ability to layout presentations in an informative and in a organised order. 3. For learners to demonstrate an ability to conduct research using the internet. 4. For learner to demonstrate a confidence in talking in front of an audience.

Topic: Presenting a song

Groups of 4 students present a song to their classmates.


1. Learners collaborate to plan, research, produce, rehearse, and present a PowerPoint presentation for their peers. 2. Learners work, brainstorm and problem sovle in groups. 3. Learners gain skills in powerpoint and seraching for information on the internet. 4.Learners gain skills in presenting. 5.Learners Self assess there presentation and review ways they could have made it better.  


  1. Learners collaborate in groups about a given song. To hold a disscussion on the songs background and meaning. 2. To plan a presentation layout which will demonstrate powerpoint skills and educate the observers on the meaning and background of the song. 3.To demonstrate adequate research skills using the internet as a tool. 4.To produce a presentation using various media formats such as movie clips and sound. To produce a powerpoint presentation which demonstrates awarness of the listener. 5.To rehearse and evaluate there presentation and edit were necessary. 6.To present a profesional and appropriate presention.  

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