FN Technical Training

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FN Technical Training by Mind Map: FN Technical Training

1. Piping Trades Level 1

1.1. Unit A1 Intro to Apprenticeship

1.1.1. Unit A2 Trades Safety Awareness

1.2. Unit A4 Tools and Equipment

1.2.1. Unit A3 Hoisting, Lifting and Rigging Unit A6 Access Equipment

1.3. Unit A5 Mathematics

1.3.1. Unit A7 Electricity, Science and Computers

1.4. Unit A8 Drawings

1.5. Unit A10 Pipe, Tube and Tubing and Fundamentals

1.5.1. Unit: A11 Plastic Piping

1.5.2. Unit: A12 Copper Tube and Tubing

1.5.3. Unit: A13 Steel Piping Unit A9 Fuel brazing and cutting

1.5.4. Unit: A14 Cast Iron Piping

1.5.5. Unit: A15 Glass Piping

1.5.6. Unit: A16 Asbestos Cement Piping

1.6. Unit: A17 Residential Sanitary Drainage System

1.7. Unit: A18 Residential Venting Systems