Notifications System

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Notifications System by Mind Map: Notifications System

1. Copyright Holder Profile

1.1. Notification Management

1.1.1. Notifications sent history

1.1.2. Notifications with CN Delete Notification Provide Copyright documents

1.2. Send Notifications

1.2.1. Notify from video player

1.2.2. Notification form

1.3. Sign an amendment


2.1. Copyright Holder profile rights

2.2. Partner Counter Notification rights

3. Partner Profile

3.1. Videos

3.1.1. Copyright Status Claimed Censored Copyright

3.2. Video management

3.2.1. Counter Notify a video Provide Copyright documents

4. Zendesk

4.1. Counter Notification Form

4.2. Notification Form

5. Administration

5.1. Console to manage CH and partners

5.2. Counter Notification Management

5.2.1. Alerts Partners with lots of CN denied CH with lots of CN approved

5.2.2. Requests handled in Zendesk