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xzeroLinks by Mind Map: xzeroLinks
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serious mods


True Thumbnails [$]

Multi currencies mod [$]

Newsletter [$]

Super simple sitemap [FREE]

email subscription to newad [FREE]

Similar ADS Antispam [$]

Sitemaps [$]

SuperSimpleSitemap [FREE]

Spam control using Akismet [FREE]

AD statistics to Email [FREE]

Adult Warning [FREE]


Flash slider for featured ads [$]

Show areas in dropdown lists

Custom category icons [$]

Membership/Account mod (by David) [$]

Membership/Account mod (by NEO) [$]

AD Comments + Image Comments CAPTCHA [$]

Location Chooser on start page [$]

Multilanguage mod [$]

post, Google Maps embed, Google Maps embed[$], Youtube embed, Prev-Next Links for Ads and Events [$], Image Slide Show + Watermark [$], Abuse/Flag [$]



Message Board [$]

Contact Form [FREE]

Resend Links [FREE]

Links Page [FREE]

Contact form with captcha & SMTP


multilevel admin mod [FREE]

tiny mods


Lowercase URL

GZIP Compression

post id to e-mail

featured to all cities & regions

www-nowww redirect

Different currencies

real numbers in numeric custom fields

Ad titles to verification and reply emails

turn on/off approve and verify

HTML in AD descriptions

antispam: prevent from posting same posts

suspend ads with abuse reports

Add adtitle to verification and reply emails

Do not remember visitor's last city

Maintenance mode

Print this page


bottom ADS pager in admin

New/Modified AD Admin notification MOD

Email copy of message to admin

Email ban from admin panel

IP ban from admin panel

Manual approve edited post

Search all posts by email

Who's online mod


rel=nofollow to external links

custom pages title & meta

Different title for ads list pages in same dir

seo friendly pager links

Linkbiting: link to this ad

add adtitle to img alt="" attribute setup for title & metas


search, global search, popular searches, search price field, numeric search fields md

hide region from citylist

default image for ad list if no image uloaded

Currency symbol on the right side.

highlight current city

Round price & add separator

latest ads in top of page

dropdown change location mod

folding categories

mark cities with bold font

Cut latest ads title

Link to ad page after posting

Cut url in ad descriptions

Slimbox Gallery

last posts from PhpBB2 on main page

Add description to each category

Hide Right Sidebar from showad pages

Alternative color for featured ads

Add Featured Ads description

Exclude some categories from latest ads

Different link for every city

Show error on empty fields in send ad to friend

Event date dropdowns mod

Custom dropdown field fix

price formatting

CSS image gallery

location changer mod

highlight current subcat

change url separator

divide citylist to columns

show "ad is expired" notification

show featured ads from every city

Post: javascript alert if "agree terms" checkbox wasn't checked

Add price column to categories

add columns to selectcity page

link to this AD

Google Maps in ADs

Phone number field for AD


Main RSS including every category


Images in RSS

script setup


step-by-step instructions [offline now]


download section


custom pages, adding custom page, custom pages title & meta

title & meta formatting


change currency symbol

language files

Portuguese (Brazil)

categories & cities

Categories Dump

USA Cities

UK Regions & Towns


Confirmation Email sending problem


another RSS fix

xzero sites


neo xpromods

david26 mods

media405 mods

chippie xzeromods

yavladika mods


xzeroscripts, search plugin for browsers

classifieds on xzero


mods ideas

view other listings by author

diff futured ad prices for diff cats

show random image on sidebar

popular ads

xzero future

xzero wiki



10 seo tips

SEO,SMO mindmap (in russian)


import large sql files


these guys may help you modify script for $