The Wallace Group

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The Wallace Group by Mind Map: The Wallace Group

1. Oblivious President

1.1. The president doesn't want to see his company fail but instead of actually fixing it, he pretends to not notice.

1.2. President says he is going to do one thing and then takes it back and never follows through.

2. Frustrated Employees

2.1. Union is ignoring them

2.2. Not being paid the wages they desire

2.3. Causes them to work poorly and to not resolve differences within themselves

2.4. Lethargy and drift

3. Poor Management

3.1. Individual groups not doing their parts. The VP of finance, legal, marketing and industrial relations have taken over many more jobs than their titles call for. VP and President of company only help or check in to do reviews.

3.2. Each group acting as individual company. They're acting in their own best interests which doesn't help the conpany work well together as a whole.

4. Uneven Markets

4.1. Electronics

4.1.1. Micro electronics, electromagnetic sensors, antennas, microwaves, minicomputers

4.2. Plastics

4.2.1. Switches, knobs, keys, insulation materials

4.3. Chemicals

4.3.1. Injected into molds or extruded to form a variety of finished products