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Cosmic Heart by Mind Map: Cosmic Heart

1. the heart is a geometric vortex

2. why your heart is not a pump

2.1. &zo

3. het hart is geen pomp

3.1. het hart als zuiger

4. not a pump tom cowan

5. blood drives the heart

6. steiners heart is not a pump

6.1. Rudolf Steiner's Quackery

6.2. steiners blunders

7. not a pomping heart

7.1. the heart is not a pump

7.2. heart is not a pump

8. the heart is a sacred vortex

8.1. the heart has a brain

9. a vortex-creating machine

9.1. hearts vortex

10. the heart is an implosion

11. dynamic heart circulation

11.1. heart coherence

12. blood flow regulator

13. thinking from the heart

14. human heart cocmic heart