static electricity

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static electricity by Mind Map: static electricity

1. electric field

1.1. elctric field lines

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2. methods of charging

2.1. charging by induction

2.2. charging by rubbing


3.1. electrostatic hazard

3.1.1. ignites a flammable load fire

4. types of charges

4.1. negative charges

4.1.1. amber(rubbed with fur)

4.1.2. rubber(rubbed with fur)

4.1.3. polythene(rubbed with wool)

4.2. positive charges

4.2.1. glass(rubbed with silk)

4.2.2. perspex(rubbed with wool)

5. laws

5.1. like charges repel

5.2. unlike charges attract

6. used in

6.1. photocopiers

6.2. laser printers

6.3. spray painting

6.4. printing processes