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Marketing plan by Mind Map: Marketing plan

1. Swiss market position

1.1. market overview

1.1.1. aricles country report - switzerland wine industry profile - switzerland

1.2. Segmentaton

1.2.1. existing customers or potential customers

1.2.2. situation that allowed you to have a point of entry for this sales proposal

1.3. Competitive environment

1.3.1. blue ocean/red ocean

1.3.2. description of competitors who sell to the same people

1.3.3. positioning map

1.4. differentiation

1.4.1. value proposition

1.4.2. marketing mix product value offer process product range quality price promotion selling strategy marketing strategy place distribution channel people suppliers employees upstrem partners

1.5. Porters 5 forces

2. Hong Kong

2.1. Description of the industry

2.1.1. Articles country profile - wine in China evolution of foreign wine demand in China the globalisation of the wine industry new world, old world and china Wine consumption in Hong Kong wine industry profile - hong kong

2.1.2. drivers for the industry

2.2. Competitive environemt

2.2.1. top 3 competitor brand awarness value to customer product range quality availability

2.2.2. blue ocean strategy uniqness value proposition

2.3. Segmentation

2.3.1. Differentiation for the industry market

2.3.2. target groups

2.3.3. articles The Chinese wine market a market segmentation study

2.3.4. segmentation goegraphic demographic psychograpic income


2.5. Marketing mix

2.5.1. product do we adapt it ? if no why ?

2.5.2. Price strategy same price in all channels/segments? articles willingness to pay for red wine in china Factors that Affect Willingness to Pay for Red Wines in China

2.5.3. promotion

2.5.4. place channel distribution supply chain

2.5.5. people how do we hire people ? eg expats, locals, external promoters upstream partners

2.6. Supply chain

3. Red wine brand

4. SWOT analysis

4.1. wot