Enlightenment Ideas

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Enlightenment Ideas by Mind Map: Enlightenment Ideas

1. Enlightenment Despots Embrace new ideas

1.1. Enlightened Despots used power to bring political change

1.2. Frederick the Great was king of Prussia 1740-1786

1.3. Catherine the Great was empress of Russia

1.4. Frederick openly praised Voltaires work

1.5. Joseph II supported religious equality in his catholic empire

2. Lives of the majority change slowly

2.1. Most Europeans were untouched by courtly culture

2.2. Some peasants were hesitant to bring change

2.3. Late 1700s equality and social justice seeped into peasant villages

3. New ideas challenge society

3.1. Spread quickly through all levels of society

3.2. a just society should ensure social justice and happiness

3.3. Enlightenment writings were banned

3.4. Ideas spread in salons

3.5. Salons were social gatherings for writers and artists

4. Arts and literature reflect new ideas

4.1. Baroque paintings were huge and colorful.

4.2. Rococo art was lighter elegant and charming

4.3. Franz Joseph developed classical music

4.4. In the 1700s literature developed new forms and a wider audience

4.5. Led composers and musicians to develop new music