Seed Journey: Amy Franceschini / Futurefarmers

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Seed Journey: Amy Franceschini / Futurefarmers by Mind Map: Seed Journey:                           Amy Franceschini / Futurefarmers

1. Futurefarmers was founded in 1995 by Californian artist Amy Franceschini. The collective comprises of artists, researchers, designers, architects, scientists and farmers; each bringing a different perspective and expertise to the group. By working collaboratively they can visualize and understand the way systems interact with and control our everyday lives and begin to question and deconstruct social systems such as food policies, public transportation and rural farming networks. Their work provides playful entry points and tools for participants to gain insight into deeper fields of inquiry- not only to imagine, but to produce knowledge through experiences with the places we live, materials we touch and food we consume.

2. Seed Journey Installation at Cardiff

2.1. Flat Bread

2.1.1. The Message: We don't need a museum to conserve varieties, what we want is to grow them: Johan Sward, Ashim Vestre Farm

2.1.2. Signaling with a flatbread oven. Oslo: 2016

2.2. Records

2.2.1. Stories from Records Forest Rye: Finland: 2013 Barley St Petersberg; 1936 Lykov Rye, Suthern Siberia: 1936

2.3. September 17; 2016 - Seed Journey Send Off: Oslo

2.3.1. The Seeds Seeds and Crops

2.3.2. The Boat Seed Boxes Seed Capsules Seed Preservation

2.3.3. The Voyage Boat Icons