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Teaching in a Computer Lab by Mind Map: Teaching in a Computer
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Teaching in a Computer Lab

What happens when students first sit down?





listening to music

classwork for other classes


during class?!!

facing the front doesn't work

How can we fix it?

'lock out' system to lock out computers when presenting

Link? system- couldn't find info

trying black/whiteboard

students may be numb to PowerPoint

turning monitors

prevents students from looking at it

flipping keyboards

if monitors are stationary flip keyboards

off to the side

Teach from off to the side, that way students can't comfortably look at their computers

holding students accountable

have student sign a waver and hold them accountable


engage students

come up with other classroom setups other than having students face the front/computers,,,

How can spaces be utilized around the computers?

face side

have students face the side of the room to see you present

instructor is mobile

move around the room, give them a moving target

moving group to front

move students around for discussion to keep them engaged

Discussion Outline