Introduction to computers

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Introduction to computers by Mind Map: Introduction to computers

1. Competitors vulnerabilities

1.1. Personal Computers

1.2. Mobile Computers and Mobile Devices

1.2.1. Mobile Computer

1.2.2. Mobile Device

1.3. Servers

1.4. Mainframes

1.5. Supercomputers

1.6. Game Consoles

1.7. Embedded Computers

1.7.1. Elements of an Information System

1.7.2. Examples of Computer Usage

2. Many different categories of computers, computer users, and computer applications in society

2.1. Computer Applications in Society

2.2. Video: Computer History in a Barn

3. Networks the Internet and computer software

3.1. Networks and the Internet

3.1.1. network

3.1.2. Internet

3.1.3. social networking Web site

3.2. Computer Software

3.2.1. Software System Software Application Software

3.2.2. Installing

4. Basic computer conceptsComponents

4.1. A World of Computers

4.2. What Is a Computer?

4.3. The Components of a Computer

4.4. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers

4.4.1. Advantages of Using Computers

4.4.2. Disadvantages of Using Computers