Computer Security and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy

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Computer Security and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy by Mind Map: Computer Security and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy

1. Computer Security Riske

1.1. Hackers

1.2. Crackers

1.3. Script Kiddies

1.4. Corporate Spies

1.5. Unethical Employees

1.6. Cyberextortionists

1.7. Cyberterrorists

1.8. New node

2. Internet and Network Attacks

2.1. Computer Virus

2.2. Worm

2.3. Trojan Horse

2.4. Rootkit

3. Software Theft

3.1. Stealssoftware media

3.2. Intentionally erases programs

3.3. lllegally copies aprogram

3.4. lllegally registers and/or activates a program

4. Information Theft

4.1. Digital Certificates

4.2. Transport Layer Security (TLS)

4.3. Secure HTTP

4.4. VPN

5. Wireless Security

5.1. A wireless access point should not broadcast an SSID

5.2. Change the ddefault SSID

5.3. Configure a Wap so that only certain device can access it

5.4. Use WPA or WPA2 security standards

6. Health Concerns of Computer Use

6.1. Craves computer time

6.2. OVerjoy when at computer

6.3. Unable to stop computer activity

6.4. lrritable when not at the computer

6.5. Neglects family and frinds

6.6. problems at work or school

7. Ethice and Society

7.1. Allow for personalization

7.2. Store users passwords

7.3. Assist with online Shopping

7.4. Track how often users visit a site

7.5. Target advertisements