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computer Securit and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy by Mind Map: computer Securit and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy
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computer Securit and Safety,Ethics,and Privacy

Internet and Network Attacks

Computer Virus


Trojan Horse


Computer Security Risks



Script Kiddies

Corporate Spies

Unethical Employees



Objectives Overview

Unauthorized Access and Use

Law enforcement

Criminal prosecutors

Military intelligence

Insurance agencies

Information security depatments

Hardware Theft and Vandalism

Physical access controls

Alarm systems

Cables to lock equipment

Real time location system

Passwords,possessed objects,and biometrics

Software Theft

Steals software media

Intentionally erases programs

Illeglly copies a program

Illegally registers and/or activates a program

Information Theft


A digital signture

Web browsers and Web sites use encryption techniques

popular security techniques include

System Failure

A system failure is the prolonged malfunction of a computer

A variety of factors can lead to system failure,including

Backing Up-The Ultimate Safeguard

Wireless Security

Health Concerns of Computer Use

Ethics and Society


Potential computer risks and the safeguards

Wireless security risks and safeguards

computer-related health issues and preventions

Ethical issues surrounding information accuracy,intellectual property rights,codes of conduct,green computing,and information privacy