Enlightened Despots

By Ujwal Upadhyay

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. They were monarchs who followed the ideas of the Enlightenment

1.1. They were used due to the power they had

1.2. Were able to enforce change

2. Catherine the Great

2.1. Was leader of Russia

2.1.1. Ruled from 1762-1796

2.2. Russia was changed under her power

2.2.1. Became a great power in Europe

2.3. Had absolute power over Russia

2.3.1. Was able to do anything

2.4. She brought reform to Russia

2.4.1. Allowed freedom of religious practice

2.4.2. Abolished torture

2.4.3. Led the expansion of Russia

2.4.4. Fought to unite people

2.5. She was considered intelligent

2.5.1. She wrote books

2.5.2. had a respect for enligtened thinkers

2.6. She followed enlightened thinkers

2.6.1. Their ideas such as Equality and Liberty

2.6.2. Read the works of Philosphes Exchanged letters with Voltaire and Diderot

3. Frederick the Great

3.1. Was king of Prussia

3.1.1. Ruled from 1740-1786

3.2. In youth he was trained

3.2.1. Military His father enforced this more

3.2.2. Education Father put him down Art Intellectual tastes

3.3. Caused form and change in Prussia

3.3.1. Became powerful in Europe Due to military might

3.3.2. Allowed freedom of press

3.3.3. individual rights Religious freedom

3.3.4. Wanted to modernize Prussia

3.3.5. Did not tolerate torture

3.3.6. Enforced general education

3.4. he was enthusiastic about enlightenment

3.4.1. Thought he was "Servant of State"

3.4.2. Praised enlightened thinkers Voltaire

4. Joseph II

4.1. Was ruler of Austria

4.1.1. Was a Hapsburg Son of Maria Theresa

4.1.2. Ruled from 1765-1790

4.2. Maria Theresa was his mother

4.2.1. She was also an enlightened despot

4.2.2. Worked to improve lives of peasants

4.2.3. led the way for Frederick II He was continuation of her reign

4.3. Caused change in Austria

4.3.1. Modernize Austria

4.3.2. believed in equality for all religions Jews and Protestants in Catholic empire

4.3.3. Ended censorship Allowed free press freedom of speech

4.3.4. Wanted to limit power of catholic Church Bring it under royal control

4.3.5. Aimed to make Empire better Efficient Financially secure

4.4. Belived in Enlightened thinkers

4.4.1. Was an eager student of their ways

4.4.2. Traveled to learn more

4.5. The nobles tried to reject him

4.5.1. Since he was giving rights to Peasants

4.5.2. They thought they were disrespected

4.6. He was an Absolute Monarch

4.6.1. was able to do anything necessary