Enlightened Despots

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Enlightened Despots by Mind Map: Enlightened Despots

1. Catherine the Great

1.1. Corresponded with and invited enlightenment thinkers to her nation

1.2. Supported the printing press

1.3. Allowed religious tolerance laws

1.4. Restricted torture

1.5. Expanded Russian territory by defeating the ottomans gaining the Crimean peninsula

1.6. Annexed parts of polan

1.7. Russian leader 1762-1796

2. Joseph II

2.1. Abolished serfdom and feudal system

2.2. Abolished the forced labor system

2.3. Reduced the influence of the church

2.4. gave religious tolerance for Christians and Jews alike

2.5. Abolished the torture and death penalty

2.6. Austrian leader 1780-1790

3. Fredrick the great

3.1. thought of himself as a servant to the state

3.2. invited enlightenment thinkers

3.3. supported scientific agriculture

3.4. Encourged those in less tolerant states to come to Prussia

3.5. Was a strong believer in the social order and did not abolish serfdom

3.6. Prussian leader 1740-1786

4. Common traits

4.1. Absolute rulers who were urged by philosophers to use their power to help the people and the state

4.2. used religious toleration, reformed legal codes and more education to combat ignorance

4.3. Allowed freedom of speech to encourage people to move to their respective countries