Data Migration Project Planner from Data Migration

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Data Migration Project Planner from Data Migration by Mind Map: Data Migration Project Planner from Data Migration

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2. Phase 2: Project Initiation

2.1. Have you created a stakeholder communication plan and stakeholder register?

2.2. Have you tweaked and published your project policies?

2.3. Have you created a high-level first-cut project plan?

2.4. Have you set up your project collaboration platform?

2.5. Have you created your standard project documents?

2.6. Have you defined and formalised your 3rd Party supplier agreements and requirements?

2.7. Have you scheduled your next phase tasks adequately?

2.8. Have you resolved any security issues and gained approved access to the legacy datasets?

2.9. Have you defined the hardware and software requirements for the later phases?

3. Phase 1: Pre-Migration Planning

3.1. Have you assessed the viability of your migration with a pre-migration impact assessment?

3.2. Have you based project estimates on guesswork or a more accurate assessment?

3.3. Have you made the business and IT communities aware of their involvement?

3.4. Have you formally agreed the security restrictions for your project?

3.5. Have you identified your key data migration project resources and when they are required?

3.6. Have you determined the optimal project delivery structure?

3.7. Do you have a well defined set of job descriptions so each member will understand their roles?

3.8. Have you created a structured task workflow so each member will understand what tasks are expected and in which sequence?

3.9. Have you created the appropriate training documentation and designed a training plan?

3.10. Do you have a configuration management policy and software in place?

3.11. Have you planned for a secure, collaborative working environment to be in place?

3.12. Have you created an agreed set of data migration policy documents?

4. Phase 3: Landscape Analysis

4.1. Have you created a detailed data dictionary?

4.2. Have you created a high-level source to target mapping specification?

4.3. Have you determined high-level volumetrics and created a high-level scoping report?

4.4. Has the risk management process been shared with the team and have they updated the risk register?

4.5. Have you created a data quality management process and impact report?

4.6. Have you created and shared a first-cut system retirement strategy?

4.7. Have you created conceptual/logical/physical and common models?

4.8. Have you refined your project estimates?

5. Phase 4: Solution Design

5.1. Have you created a detailed mapping design specification?

5.2. Have you created an interface design specification?

5.3. Have you created a data quality management specification?

5.4. Have you defined your production hardware requirements?

5.5. Have you agreed the service level agreements for the migration?

6. Phase 5: Build & Test

6.1. Has your build team documented the migration logic?

6.2. Have you tested the migration with a mirror of the live environment?

6.3. Have you developed an independent migration validation engine?

6.4. Have you defined your reporting strategy and associated technology?

6.5. Have you defined an ongoing data quality monitoring solution?

6.6. Have you created a migration fallback policy?

6.7. Have you confirmed your legacy decommission strategy?

6.8. Have you completed any relevant execution training?

6.9. Have you defined the data migration execution strategy?

6.10. Have you created a gap-analysis process for measuring actual vs current progress?

7. Phase 6: Execute & Validate

7.1. Have you kept an accurate log of SLA progress?

7.2. Have you independently validated the migration?

8. Phase 7: Decommission & Monitor

8.1. Have you completed your system retirement validation?

8.2. Have you handed over ownership of the data quality monitoring environment?