Adobe Audience Manager

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Adobe Audience Manager by Mind Map: Adobe Audience Manager

1. Workflow

1.1. Data Collection

1.1.1. 1st-party Web Mobile CRM, EDW, ...

1.1.2. 2nd-party Partner

1.1.3. 3rd-party (Audience Marketplace) VisualDNA, AddThis, ...

1.2. Data Unification to a Profile

1.2.1. Profile Merge Rules Authenticated Profile No Authentication Current Authentication Last Authentication Device Profile No Device Current Device Profile Merge Device Graph Co-op Device Graph Third-Party Device Graph

1.3. Segmentation (Audience Creation)

1.3.1. Conditions (rules) Web: AEM prospects CRM: non-clients Partner: Marketers

1.3.2. Look-a-like Modeling

1.4. Activation (data out)

1.4.1. Onsite Personalization (e.g. Target)

1.4.2. Direct Marketing (e.g. Campaign)

1.4.3. DSP (e.g. Media Optimizer)

1.4.4. Display (ad server)

1.4.5. SEM (AdWords, Bing,...)

1.4.6. Facebook

1.4.7. Other...

1.5. Premium Capabilities (License)

1.5.1. People-Based Destinations

1.5.2. Data Explorer Trait Backfill