Impact of Business and Enterprise Leadership

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Impact of Business and Enterprise Leadership by Mind Map: Impact of Business and Enterprise Leadership


1.1. Year 7 and 8

1.1.1. BITE Certificate

1.1.2. Enterprise Module

1.1.3. IT Skills Module

1.1.4. New BTEC Model

1.2. Year 9

1.2.1. Level 2 Enterprise

1.2.2. BTEC ICT/Business Certificate

1.3. Year 10 and Year 11

1.3.1. BTEC ICT Core


1.3.3. Alternative Enterprise L2 Intervention Group

1.4. KS5

1.4.1. New Pathway Business, ICT, Accounting

1.5. BTEC Business and Enterprise

1.6. Robust and exemplar Monitoring and Tracking systems to facilitate student progress

2. New Department & Curriculum Pathways - Dramatic Impact (SIP)

3. Could be described as beyond outstanding (School inspection)

4. Vast Majority of Staff if not all embracing enterprise learning in All lessons

5. Student and Staff Enterprise Activities

5.1. Year 7 Enabling ICT Challenge

5.2. The Apprentice

5.3. Global awareness Challenge delivered in Enrichment time

5.4. Enterprise Placements in industry for all students in their first year

5.5. Student Enterprise Leaders in place to lead enterprise activity in each academic department

5.6. Mayors Xmas Fair Competition stalls producing student/staff products

5.7. BBC Newscasters delivered workshop to Media students

5.8. Vocational Students fitted High Street shop

5.9. Science Students now experience work placements to develop employability skills in the science sector

5.10. Construction students offering low cost local housing property repairs through new start up

5.11. Environment clean up Project

5.12. Students organising small local start up businesses

5.13. Pay it Forward

5.13.1. Various activities with students/staff paying forward favours to encourage enterpreneurial activites

5.13.2. Volunteer

5.13.3. Museum

6. Quality of Learning

6.1. All Lesson Plan Proformas now include Enterprise Focus

6.2. Enterprise skills Displayed in every classroom

6.3. Whole staff Training

6.3.1. What is Enterprise?

6.3.2. Enterprise Learning in the classroom

6.4. Enterprise Learning Walks

6.4.1. Enterprise Audits of all Subject areas

6.5. VIVO Rewards for Enterprise Learning

6.6. Enterprise skills driven through BITE Lessons

6.7. Student as Teachers acting as mentors within BTEC Lessons in BITE

6.8. Learning Support Unit

6.8.1. Enterprise Training for staff

6.8.2. L2 Enterprise Offered for AEN Students

6.9. Literacy

6.9.1. Enterprise Book Reading Project to promote literacy skills

6.9.2. Cross Curriculum Project with English on Presentation Business planning skills

6.9.3. Numeracy skills being delivered through Enabling Enterprise - ICT Module in all core KS3 ICT lessons.

7. Community

7.1. The Apprentice ...

7.1.1. Local MP , Local Council, Business Community

7.2. Pay it Forward

7.2.1. Favours for Local community

7.3. High Street Shop

7.3.1. Hair and Beauty Treatments for Local Community

7.3.2. ICT Training for Local Community

7.4. Insititute of Community Cohesion

7.4.1. Peer Mentoring - Good Practice Project

7.5. Primary School Transition

7.5.1. Halfway primary

7.5.2. West Minster Lead

7.6. SSAT Training Workshops

7.7. New Business Website for Local Community

7.8. Sponsorship of Local Roundabout

7.9. Sponsored Key Chains for Police Project - return career workshops

7.10. Website Design by Sixth Form Students

7.11. Marketing and Awards

7.11.1. BBC Radio Interviews

7.11.2. ITV News Special Report

7.11.3. Serialisation in Local Newspapers

7.11.4. Featured in Best Practice Publication

7.11.5. Kent Council School of the year for 3 terms for embedding of enterprise skills

7.11.6. Times Educational Newspaper Outstanding Enterprise Award

8. New Parent Forum

8.1. Driven By Specialism

8.1.1. Leading On The Apprentice

8.1.2. Parent Surveys

9. Developing an Enterprise Culture

9.1. Bethnal Green College London

9.1.1. Successfully led Re- designation of Government funding for Technology and Enterprise Specialism

9.1.2. Introduction of Enterprise Can do culture alongside new business and enterprise qualifications saw progress outcomes raised by 34%

9.2. Harris Academy Bermondsey

9.2.1. Successfully Introduced Enterprise specialism and responsible for creating an enterprise can do culture within staff and students which was highlighted in inspection as being outstanding

9.2.2. Developed partnership model with local university graduates who acted as enterprise mentors for KS4 students

9.2.3. Developed partnership model with a range of businesses to promote new Enterprise ideas in young people. Ideas were celebrated in an annual enterprise awards ceremony in collaboration with the Financial Times.

9.2.4. Designed software programme to capture, evaluate and monitor the progress of enterprise skills in staff and students

9.3. The Isle of Sheppey Academy

9.3.1. Nominee for Times Educational Outstanding Enterprise Community Links

9.3.2. Successfully led many enterprise projects/competitions across all five schools from designing new products to hosting fashion shows to creating new magazines which delivered programmes to over 2000 students.

9.3.3. Enterprise Specialism and activity described in OFSTED inspection as dynamic and outstanding

9.3.4. Delivered training and lectures to both students and staff on the value of enterprise and understanding of enterprise skills.

9.4. St Helens College

9.4.1. Successfully created and opened a new business for the college in terms of a new secondary school for young people

9.4.2. Created partnerships with Logistics companies to host entrepreneurial events for college staff and students

9.4.3. Highly successful in creating a Can Do enterprise culture in a new business venture which was graded the highest possible grades by Government inspection last year.

9.4.4. Embedded Enterprise skill learning into lesson plans for school which was adopted by whole college

9.4.5. Trained college staff on Enterprise skill sets and entrepreneurial activity and facilitated department workshops to help Heads of Schools identify possible enterprise activities within Higher Education in college.

10. National Enterprise Initiatives

10.1. Led Young Enterprise Events

10.2. Led partnership events with Enabling Enterprise

10.3. Led Money Matters events

10.4. Led NatWest Business planning events for Young Entrepreneurs

10.5. Delivered enterprise workshops and seminars at Secondary Schools and Academies National event with particular emphasis on 1. Creating a Can Do Culture and 2. Monitoring and Tracking of Enterprise and Entrepreneurial skills

10.6. Delivered lessons and tutorials on how to set up start up business ventures

10.7. Delivered Enterprise Level 2 and Level 3 Enterprise Qualifications for budding entrepreneurs

10.8. Delivered and Led National Enterprise Competitions such as the Ten Pound Challenge