Chapter 23: Feminist Guerrilla Video in the Twin Cities

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Chapter 23: Feminist Guerrilla Video in the Twin Cities by Mind Map: Chapter 23: Feminist Guerrilla Video in the Twin Cities

1. Video as a Tool for Community Groups

1.1. Creating videos can be used as a way to empower groups and individuals

1.2. Used to cover news and ideas that were left out of the mainstream media

1.3. News was captured on the street, using handheld cameras

1.3.1. Contrasted with the polished, edited news programs produced by mainstream media

1.3.2. Videos were part of the event, not just reporting on the event

2. Early Alternative Video Excluded Women

2.1. Video production was a field that was male dominated

2.2. Women were still involved in groups that were producing alternative videos but were often not thought of as full, contributing members of the group

2.3. Alternative video wanted to provide a democratic view of the world but women's issues were not reported equally.

3. Universal Community Video

3.1. Video access center funded by U of Minnesota

3.2. Provided training and equiptment to students and community members

3.3. Mission was to "...provide an alternative to mainstream television that allowed often-ignored individuals and communities to express themselves"

3.4. Not a feminist-focused center but women were a large part of the organization and women's issues were a common theme in the videos that were produced

3.5. Women-only video production classes began to be offered through the center

3.5.1. Did not focus on technical issues but instead let students learn through trial and error using the equipment

3.5.2. By bringing more women into the largely male-populated field of video production, a more diverse range of videos could be made

3.6. The training and networking that UCV provided and facilitated led to the creation of Iris Video

4. Iris Video - Feminist Centered Video Production

4.1. Created to document a march for to raise awareness about violence against women, Iris Video then began to produce specifically feminist and woman-focused videos

4.1.1. Founders wanted to create a separate group that would focus exclusively on projects that were created by women, for women, that explored issues and problems that concerned women

4.1.2. This view incorporated some of the ideas of radical feminism instead of the focus on gender-equality that was UCV's goal

4.2. Wanted to give women the opportunity to show their lives and ideas from the point of view of a woman

4.2.1. perspective of women often ignored in mainstream media

4.3. All members learned technical aspects of creating videos as well as the opportunity to be infront of the camera but roles were assigned through a natural division of labor

4.3.1. Members simply performed the duties that they showed a natural aptitude for

4.3.2. All members contibuted to the editing process and shared production credits

4.4. As members shot activist events, they did not view themselves as just documenting the activities that were going on around them but as active participants

4.5. Worked to make connections between groups of women video creators

4.5.1. Created a group that met to discuss and critique projects and network

4.5.2. These connections led to opportunities for more women to become involved in making videos that dealt specifically with women's perspectives and issues through these connections, video equipment, services and production teams became available for women who would not have had access to them otherwise

4.6. Iris Video evolved from a group that was going to cover one event to a major influence of and connection point for women filmmakers

5. Lasting Value

5.1. The video training that Iris Video provided to 100s of women is incredibly valuable

5.1.1. Being able to create media that shows a perspective that is overlooked captures it for those who are interested in viewing a complete overview of what is happening to people in the world

5.2. Captured the accomplishments of the feminist moviment during this time

5.2.1. New node