WCU Internship Experience

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WCU Internship Experience by Mind Map: WCU Internship Experience

1. Intern I: Cooperating Teacher

2. Intern I: University Supervisor

3. Intern I: Intern/Candidate

3.1. Complete program requirements

3.2. Gain admission to Teacher Education

3.3. Complete application and submit all documents by OFE deadline

3.3.1. Resume

3.3.2. Background check

3.3.3. Timesheet of School Visits

3.3.4. Submit Health form (note system specifics e.g. Buncomb Co.)

3.4. Adhere to all guidelines and suggestions for professional practice in your Internship placement

3.5. Complete required assignments per program guidelines (e.g. lesson planning and teaching, video taping lessons, reflective journals, etc.)

3.6. Complete TWS (EE3) and upload to Taskstream

4. Intern II: Intern/Candidate

5. Intern II: Cooperating Teacher

6. Intern II: University Supervisor

6.1. Obtain a Taskstream account and become familiar with evaluating work in the system

6.2. Contact Intern and CT within first 2 weeks

6.3. Complete minimum of 3 formal observations

6.4. Help intern with videotaped lessons

6.5. Review lesson plans

6.6. Collaborate and coordinate with CT and Academic Supervisor (if applicable)

6.7. Respond to 6 of intern's journal entries

6.8. Evaluate EE 4 and 5 in Taskstream

6.9. Help intern stay on top of deadlines, paperwork, and professional behavior

6.10. Maintain documentation

6.11. Submit final paperwork and grades