Speech and Writing

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Speech and Writing by Mind Map: Speech and Writing

1. Teacher

1.1. Mrs. Nebel

1.1.1. Fun

1.1.2. Qualified

1.1.3. Lovable

1.1.4. Kind

1.1.5. Generous

2. Essays

2.1. Always we need to use MLA standard

2.1.1. Double spaced

2.1.2. size 12

2.1.3. Name, Teacher Name, Course then Date is the order It has to be on the right side of the page

3. Course

3.1. the course is for people who need help in English

4. Privledges eraned

4.1. Free time

4.2. Watching a movie

4.3. Games in class

5. Projects

5.1. We usually present them

5.2. No body works with a partner