What is pH level

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What is pH level by Mind Map: What is pH level

1. measurement of 2 categories: acid and alkaline

2. ranges from 0 to 14

2.1. neutral is 7 on the scale

2.1.1. water is known to be neutral

2.2. 0 is most acidic

2.2.1. it is the most corrosive Pure hydrochloric acid

2.3. 14 is most alkaline

2.3.1. Pure sodium hydroxide

2.4. our blood pH is between 7.34 and 7.45, very precisely kept in this range, as the correct pH is crucial for the survival

3. It is an indicator of how acidic or alkaline a substance is

3.1. Substances

4. Most aquatic animals and plants have adapted to life in water with a specific pH

5. Important in medicine, biology, chemistry, food science, environmental science, oceanography, civil engineering and many other applications.

6. It affects ALMOST every living thing

7. It can be changed when there is water added to the substances