causes of globalization 3.0

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causes of globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: causes of globalization 3.0

1. Steroids

1.1. USB

1.1.1. New no A flash memory data storage device that has a "Universal Serial Bus" in it. de

1.2. gigabyte

1.3. micrprocessor

1.4. Smart phone

2. Outsourcing

2.1. Military sourcing

2.1.1. Ability to kill from afar

2.2. Mcsourcing

2.2.1. Taking orders from another location

2.3. Call Centers

2.3.1. Customer service for a company sent to other places because its cheaper

2.4. Homesourcing

2.4.1. People doing work from home companies

3. Uploading

3.1. social networking

3.1.1. allows people to upload oicture and videos

3.2. youtube

3.2.1. lets people upload videos

3.3. world wide web

3.3.1. is a system of websites accessed through the internet.

4. Supply Chain

4.1. Walmart

4.2. Ability to get something from point A to point B so quickly

4.3. Replacement of inventory with information

5. Fall of the Berlin Wall

5.1. End of the Berlin Wall

5.2. Opened up the East

5.3. Chinese and Indian flooded market

6. Internet

6.1. Connection of nations around the globe

6.2. Telecommunication

6.3. Invention of the email and instant messaging

7. Work Flow Software

7.1. creation of software

7.2. improved efficiency in the work place

7.3. Ability to store a vast majority of information in a peice of software

8. Offshoring

8.1. Relocation of companies

8.2. Economic idea is to reduce cost

8.3. Idea is to find match same skills for cheaper costs

9. Insourcing

9.1. UPS

9.2. FedEx

9.3. wester pharma companies

9.3.1. insourced from Asia

10. Informing

10.1. Yahoo

10.2. Google

10.3. Wiki Spaces