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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0
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Globalization 3.0



Businesses move entire facilities and services to other countries, because people there will work for less money.


The performance isn't necessarialy as good when done for cheaper by other people.



Allows people to take orders for food at their house.


People sit in america and fly UAV's


Someone does work such as booking flights for people from their house.

Supply Chain

Company Franchises

Walmart, Walmart has many products from around the world that they sell to the world at a low price most other markets can not compete with.


Fiber Optics

Allows massive amounts of memory to be sent around in seconds

Hard Drives

As time progresses hard drive sizes get smaller but the amount of data they can hold gets larger.


Search Engines

With the internet at hand, using search engines with information about anything is the most informable source in the world and cyberworld.



UPS is paid by certain companties to do computer repairs for them.


Social Networks

Using social networks people can upload pictures and information about anything with status updates, blogs, etc.

Video Sharing Website

Using video sharing websites like youtube people can upload anything they want for all the world to have access to.


Computer Network

People, Allows instantaneous communication

Computer, Used in big business, for shipping and receiving, used in small homes for fun.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

End of Cold War

Expanded trade options in the world, and brought everyone closer together.

Work Flow Software

Video Communication Programs

Using these programs businesses can video chat with other businesses around the world at real time, which is more efficient than personal meetings.


Using e-mail websites like Yahoo! and MSN, companies can send e-mails and attach links, word documents and such things for business matters.