Globailization 3.0

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Globailization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globailization 3.0

1. Internet

1.1. World Wide Web

1.1.1. The conncetion of computers and devices, that allow people around the world to conncet

1.2. Internet browser

1.2.1. A program that allows people to conncet to the internet

1.3. Computer network

1.3.1. A group of interconnected devices that allows people to share resources.

1.4. IM

1.4.1. real time communications that can be used around the world.

2. Supply Chain

2.1. Supplier

2.1.1. A person who sells products to people around the world.

2.2. Consumer

2.2.1. People who buy products from the suppliers.

2.3. Iventory

2.3.1. The amount of products a suppliers has at any given time.

2.4. Business

2.4.1. Organization that is designed to sell products to consumers

3. Insourcing

3.1. UPS

3.1.1. Taking on a role that it didnt normally do

3.2. Company

3.2.1. That look for services they can do to earn extra money

3.3. Supply Chain

3.3.1. The chain of supply that is used to send goods around the world/country

4. "Steriods"

4.1. Cell phones

4.1.1. allow people to talk to each other around the world.

4.2. PDA

4.2.1. A mini computer that allows you to access documents from anywhere

4.3. USB

4.3.1. Small amount of memory that you plug into a computer to download memories.

5. Fall of the Berlin Wall

5.1. Cold War

5.1.1. War between USA and USSR (no fighting accually happened)

5.2. 11/9-89

5.2.1. The day the wall fell down

5.3. Windows enabled PC

5.3.1. The Windows pc allowed people on both sides to communicate which helped the wall start to go down between Hungary and Austria.

6. Work Flow Software

6.1. VPN

6.1.1. Used to talk to people on a computer or laptop over a long distance

6.2. HTML

6.2.1. Allows anyone to write and edit a page, that anyone can read on any computer

6.3. C2C

6.3.1. Brings a buyer and a seller together (ebay)

7. Offshoring

7.1. Nearshoring

7.1.1. Relocation of buisness processes to lower cost foreign locations but in close proximity

7.2. Outsourcing

7.2.1. The process of sub contracting parts of a buisness.

7.3. Body Shopping

7.3.1. The practice of using offshored resources and personnel to do small disaggerated tasks within a buisness enviornment.

8. Informing

8.1. TiVo

8.1.1. a digital video recorder that will record every episode of your favorite TV show, so you can view them when you want.

8.2. PCs

8.2.1. personal computer: a small digital computer based on a microprocessor and designed to be used by one person at a time

8.3. Epcot Center

8.3.1. a crawler-based engine put together by Microsoft and incorporating proprietary Microsoft technology in its search services.

9. Uploading

9.1. YouTube

9.1.1. Website where people share videos

9.2. Blog

9.2.1. maintaned by an individual used to express commentary and thoughts.

9.3. Social Networking

9.3.1. a social network service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people.

9.4. Social Library

9.4.1. This allows visitors to keep track of their books, records and DVDs. Users can share their collections and recommend other things based on ratings.

9.5. Facebook

9.5.1. a social network that allows people to upload pictures, videos comment on other peoples pictures and videos and play games.