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About Me by Mind Map: About Me

1. My Interest

1.1. Psychology

1.2. Philosophy

1.2.1. Epistemology Reason Knowledge Perception Objectivity

1.2.2. Ethics Values Reason is Man's Means of Survival

1.2.3. Metaphysics Consciousness

1.2.4. Esthetics Dance

1.2.5. Politics Laissez Faire Capitalism

1.2.6. Others Taoism Self Negation Confucianism

1.3. International Business and Economics

1.4. Mentoring

1.5. World Travel

1.5.1. India Entire South India Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh Delhi

1.5.2. Vietnam SaPa Hanoi Ho Chi Minh City Mekong Delta

1.5.3. China Beijing

1.5.4. Singapore

1.5.5. Canada Calgary

1.5.6. Americas

1.5.7. Europe United Kingdom London York Sheffield Manchester Newcastle Finland Tampere Jyväskylä Luxembourg France Paris Metz Belgium Bruges Brussels Netherlands Breda Amsterdam

2. My Values

2.1. Giving without Expectation

2.2. Helping others achieve their personal goals

2.3. Listening

2.4. Learning

2.5. Letting Go

3. My Career

3.1. Knowledge Manager

3.1.1. KBC i2i Programme Currently addressing Knowledge Target Identified

3.2. Past

3.2.1. Analyst NorthernRail Intranet Strategy Reporting Strategy Internal Benchmarking SAP ERP Internal Audit HR Recruitment

3.2.2. Mentor Sheffield Hallam University Impact Career Mentor Enterprise Challenge Mentor Computer Mentor

3.2.3. Consultant Aryah Biometrics Research and Development Business Development

3.2.4. Technical Support AOL - America Online Member Services

3.2.5. Developer Webquest Security Software

4. My Education

4.1. MSc Enterprise Systems

4.1.1. Management Project Management Change Management

4.1.2. Systems Architecture SAP Enterprise Services Oriented Arcitecture (ESOA) Knowledge Representation Conceptual Graphs

4.1.3. Technology SAP Portal Oracle

4.2. Bachelor in Computer Application