Key issues regarding accessibility with respect to ULMS Bikes

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Key issues regarding accessibility with respect to ULMS Bikes by Mind Map: Key issues regarding accessibility with respect to ULMS Bikes

1. Credibility?

1.1. Potential new customer base in disabled community

1.2. Cost of accessibility? None according to {{12 O' Reilly, Derek 2008}}

1.3. thus cost not reason for slow uptake?

1.4. lack of credibility of accessible websites amongst able-bodied users

1.4.1. alienation & lost business as result cost of lost business is greater than potential additional business from disabled users = no uptake

1.5. users expect websites to have a certain look-and-feel

1.5.1. "Website users regard a website as being more believable if they think that the website is expertly constructed and is visually attractive" (Nielsen, 2006)

2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)

2.1. Voluntary

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Cost Effective? Beneficial?

2.3. not widely adopted

2.3.1. key factor is growth & impact of self-regulation Analysis of self-regulation

2.4. ATAG & UAAG

3. Legislation

3.1. US Federal Access Board Section 508

3.1.1. requires in law that all US federal websites provide equal access to website content for users with disabilities

3.2. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Part III Access to Goods and Services

3.3. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

3.4. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Part IV Education

3.5. EU Policy documents

3.6. not yet legally binding for the vast majority of websites to accommodate disabled users

3.7. legal obligation to facilitate intranet use by disabled employees?

3.7.1. may not be able to do their job if they cannot access systems

4. Disability definition

4.1. Motor

4.1.1. cerebral palsy

4.1.2. arthritis

4.2. Intellectual

4.2.1. Dyslexia

4.3. Visual

4.3.1. blind

4.3.2. colour blind

4.4. Auditory

4.4.1. deaf

4.5. this group makes up 20% of population

4.6. all people are disabled in some circumstances and that disability is a social construct not an attribute of an individual

4.7. elderly?

4.7.1. how does accessibility affect this group?

4.7.2. how large is this group of consumers?

5. Tools


5.2. Validation

5.2.1. Proper use of tags >

5.3. CSS for presentation = complies with WCAG - presented in different ways without losing information or structure

6. Accessibility Definition

6.1. barriers

6.1.1. language Result of "the long-tail" also domestically - polish, chinese, welsh?

6.1.2. technology seamless compatibility different browsers OS Platforms devices device-independence graceful degradation

6.1.3. disability

7. Technology

7.1. browsers

7.2. assistive technology

7.3. voice browsing

7.3.1. blind person's perspective

7.4. OS

7.4.1. working with OS tools such as Windows’ high contrast mode