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Awareness Campaign Assignment by Mind Map: Awareness Campaign Assignment

1. Romantic Relationships

1.1. Most Impactful Fact:Media does push the image of being in a relationship is needed, rather than being by yourself.

1.2. How does this relate to my life:Wanting a relationship before even though I knew I was not ready.

1.3. Advice I would give a friend:Wait for a relationship instead of rushing into one.

1.4. Further Action:To seek help call Kids Help Phone (under 20).Also, break up with a person in public rather than in a private space

2. Eating Disorders

2.1. Most Impactful Fact:Some people view themselves as bigger when in reality they are below the average weight.

2.2. How does this relate to my life:Personally I have not experienced having an eating disorder, but I know friends that have.

2.3. Advice I would give to a friend:To talk to a doctor, or someone who can help them correctly (having a eating disorder is more than telling a person just to eat, it is a mental disorder as well.

2.4. Further Action:It is okay to get help, because they are not the only one who are struggling with this on a daily basis.

3. Underage Drinking

3.1. Most Impactful Fact:The most common time to start drinking is 15.

3.2. How does this relate to my life:Many of my friends do drink, and it can be awkward for me.

3.3. Advice I would give to a friend: Do not drink and drive.Use apps such as Uber or call a taxi.

3.4. Further Action:Drink responsibly

4. Stress

4.1. Most Impactful Fact:Most adults do not believe in stress.

4.2. How does this relate to my life:During exam time,I do feel under a lot of stress to do well.

4.3. Advice I would give a friend:Just breathe, and do something you love whether it is drawing, cooking etc.

4.4. Further Action:After stressful period take some time for yourself.

5. Child Sexual Abuse

5.1. Most Impactful Fact:1/5 girls are a victim of sexual abuse.

5.2. How does this relate to my life:Having to deal with being cat called at a young age due to me developing at a early stage.

5.3. Advice I would give a friend:Stay safe, if anything does happen please tell someone.

5.4. Further Action:I strongly believe as females it is important to look out for each other.Whether it is saying no or walking away from dangerous situations.

6. Anxiety Disorders

6.1. Most Impactful Fact:There are different types of anxiety (Social,Phobia)

6.2. How does this relate to my life:I get really bad anxiety when reading out loud due to me having dyslexia.

6.3. Advice I would a friend:Try reacting the situations that give you anxiety (in the mirror)

6.4. Further Action:Try different types of therapy.

7. Sexting

7.1. Most Impactful Fact:28% of teens admitted to having sent a sext

7.2. How does this relate to my life:Getting random messages, asking for inappropriate pictures.

7.3. Advice I would give a friend: Do not send any inappropriate pictures because you really do not know where they my end up.

7.4. Further Action:If this does happen contact police right away.