Japanese Propaganda

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Japanese Propaganda by Mind Map: Japanese Propaganda

1. Effect

1.1. From all our research there was minimal effect to the general public though some others chose to believe it.

1.2. Though some countries showed their loyalty to the japanese, they were only trying to

2. Kinds

2.1. Posters

2.1.1. They were for persuasion of the locals in the coutries that they have captured/claimed.

2.1.2. They were made to persuade locals to turn their backs on the Allied Forces

2.1.3. They were also used in making parodies of the soldiers

2.2. Movies(Videos)

2.2.1. Movies were used to persuade the locals into believing that the japanese were

2.2.2. The Japanese only played japanese movies because they wanted the public to get used to the Japanese way of life. In some sense this was also a propaganda act.