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SAP PI 7.0 by Mind Map: SAP PI 7.0
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SAP PI 7.0


runs in ABAP stack

also called Integration Process

designed in the Integration Repository

belong to a Software Component

Once designed, needs to be imported into the Integration Directory


can be automatically updated from another SAP system

Business Systems

Technical Systems

Product Catalogue

does not contain Business Services

Receiver Determination

part of logical routing

defines either

Message Split

Content-based Routing

best starting point for trouble shooting

Adapter Framework

Message Interface

located in the Integration Repository

highest-level component of an interface

PI interfaces go from one Message Interface to another


can be built from external definitions

uniquely identified by

Integration Builder

Runs in Java stack

Integration Repository

Integration Directory

Message Type

highest-level XML document for an interface

can be imported from an XSD

contains one or more Data Types


7.0 version

ABAP Stack

Java Stack


Runtime Workbench

End to End monitoring

Cache monitoring

Message monitoring

Performance monitoring

Alert Inbox


structure mapping

value mapping

implemented in

Communication Channels

Alert Framework