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FONAR 360 by Mind Map: FONAR 360

1. easy access

1.1. they can view things shown by the mri while also working on the patient

1.1.1. doctors can safely be in the room

1.2. the patient can be turned in any direction during a procedure and still be under the mri

1.3. procedures will be more accurate



1.6. can see things that would not be seen when a patient is laying down flat.

1.6.1. shows the state of the spine or other body parts with the weight of the body when standing

2. Comfort

2.1. larger people can fit comfortably


2.1.2. more possibilities for all patients


2.2. no claustrophobia

2.2.1. what causes claustrophobia how Fonar 360 eliminates these factors

2.3. can change the view

2.3.1. every patient can feel comfortable with their choice of scenery

2.4. patient can lay or stand in any direction

2.4.1. the room is the MRI machine



2.7. no more uncomfortable tubes for long periods of time

3. kids

3.1. kids no longer have to be sedated

3.2. they do not have to be still for long periods of time

3.3. less fear

3.3.1. don't need ear plugs

3.3.2. don't need talks before

3.3.3. it can be a fun experience



3.5. it doesn't have to be a difficult process