Differentiating lesson plans to meet student needs

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Differentiating lesson plans to meet student needs by Mind Map: Differentiating lesson plans to meet student needs

1. Technology: using Ipads, Students record a short video of themselves describing their daily routine.

2. Students who learn best by reading. Flipped classroom: Students read a text and underline those verbs that are reflexive. Then students will answer on a piece of paper a series of questions related to the text.

3. Audio-visual learners: Students see a Power Point presentation about the daily routine. Students see different pictures and its meaning in Spanish. Students repeat after the teacher. Then, they answer orally different questions asked by the teacher

4. Kinaesthetic learners. Total Physical Response. The teachers says a verb like (wake up, wash my face etc) and he imitates that action. Students need to model after him. Then, students give commands to each other and they perform that action. After that, they will create a short story explaining their daily routine. Students can use "storyboardthat"

5. Objective: students will be able to talk about their daily routine using reflexive verbs

6. Students will rotate through three different stations. Each station focuses on a different type of learner.