Economic Development Section Redesign Project

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Economic Development Section Redesign Project by Mind Map: Economic Development Section Redesign Project

1. Homepage

1.1. Higher Learning

1.2. Demographics/Reports

1.2.1. Demographics

1.2.2. Husing Reports

1.2.3. Housing

1.3. Press Releases/Articles

1.4. Business Licenses

1.4.1. Search the database

1.4.2. Download SIC Information

1.4.3. Renew Online

1.5. Telecommunications & Technology

1.5.1. Verizon Voice/Data

1.5.2. Time Warner Voice/Data

1.5.3. Suneses Fiber Project

1.5.4. Old Town Free Wifi

1.6. Filming Opportunities

1.7. Ready to Build? (CommDev Link)

1.8. Assistance & Resources

1.8.1. Southwest California Business Resource Guide

1.8.2. Workforce Training

1.8.3. Financing Resources

1.8.4. Regional Jobs Database

1.8.5. Business Counseling & Technical Assistance

1.9. Why Temecula, CA?

1.9.1. Foreign Trade Zone

1.9.2. Key Business Industries

1.9.3. Business Advantages

1.9.4. Current & Successful Past Projects (Video)

1.9.5. Freeway and Airport Close

1.9.6. Top Employers

1.10. Marketing Materials and Presentations

1.11. Location Assistance (GIS)

1.12. Economic Development Partners

1.12.1. Temecula Chamber of Commerce

1.12.2. Temecula Convention Visitors Bureau

1.12.3. Temecula Vinyard Association

1.12.4. Old Town Business Owners

1.12.5. Southwest Economic Alliance

1.13. Weather Module for EconDev section homepage

1.14. Tourism

1.14.1. Old Town

1.14.2. Wine Country

2. Register $9.99/year/domain

3. Go Live Checklist

3.1. 301 IIS Page forward old pages to new pages for Search Engine Traffic.

3.2. Switch EconDev Channel for Business Channel

3.3. Domain points to website

3.4. Slideshow slide

3.5. CH3 Slide

3.6. Press Releases

3.7. City Council Presentation

4. Meetings

4.1. 4/15/2008

4.1.1. Education Page Ideas Pictures Logos Contact/addresses Map in relation to Temecula

4.1.2. Current Projects Page Ideas Video Clips Pictures Details,/Public Information Stuff is Happening in Temecula!

4.1.3. Site Selection Ideas GIS PLanning? Loopnet?

4.2. 4/22/2008

4.2.1. Education Is Important!

4.2.2. Aviation/Transportation Corridores

4.2.3. Biotech Attraction (Abbot, PHS, Other Suppliers)

4.2.4. Problems with GIS Planning? not accurate enough? What does Loopnet cost?

4.2.5. Our Vision Site Selection demographic profile, Husing, Claritas Maps: Education, top employers, medical mfg, biotect Good movement (freeways, rail, fedex, ups) Commuter Survey Workforce tourism (1mill people go through wine country) Quality of life, schools good, crime low, air good.

4.3. 7/21/08

4.3.1. Need signoff on siteplan EconDev is reviewing and will approve and/or make suggestions

4.3.2. Status Check on GIS Location Assistance Moving Foreward

4.3.3. Assign content EconDev knows they are responsible for all content.