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RanchWars.IO by Mind Map: RanchWars.IO

1. Requirements

1.1. Land to grow

1.2. Seeds

1.3. Water in water tank

1.4. soil fertility ? Manure

1.5. Time (Grows Only During Day)

2. Farm Building

2.1. Hiring Workers/ machines

2.1.1. Sprinklers => Automate Watering Plants

2.1.2. Helper => Harvest the crop , puts it in storage, plants new crops.

2.1.3. Trucks => Take crops from storage to your shop in market.

2.2. Hiring Protectors /towers

2.2.1. Fence => fence your farm from stray animals and other players.

2.2.2. Scarecrows => Keep crows etc away to protect crops.

2.2.3. Towers => Fire on wild animals and other players who try to attack/break any player building

3. Why Go OutsideFarm?

3.1. Water resource . Farm needs you or workers to have access to water. Until you afford a water connection you got to go out to fetch water.

3.2. Capture animals => Animals as cows/ hens / sheeps can be found outside in wilds which you can tame and raise in your farm.

3.3. Reach the market where you can buy a shop and start selling your crops. Or buy seeds and tools.

4. Growing Crops

4.1. First Plough Land

4.1.1. 1. Manual/Tool 2. Worker (Assign Land)

4.2. Second Put seeds

4.2.1. 1. Manual 2. Worker (Assign seeds and crops)

4.3. Third water it

4.3.1. 1. Manual 2. Tools (Big Buckets) 3. Machine

4.4. Harvest

4.4.1. 1. Manual 2. Worker

4.5. Storage

4.5.1. 1. Manual 2. Worker

4.6. Sell in Market/Shop

4.6.1. 1. Manual 2. Workers/Trucks

5. Animals

5.1. You can buy animals from market.

5.2. Find stray animals roaming in wild outside and tame them. Bring back to your farm.

5.3. If you have no fences or they are not repaired well . Your animals may go out and roam in forests.

5.4. Animals produce goods as cows-> milk , sheep -> wool etc. Sellable in market.

5.5. Animals consume food. You can grow your own animal food or buy from market.

6. Buildings

6.1. Storage

6.2. Shop

6.2.1. will have multiple things to buy and arrange your shop.

6.3. Fences

6.4. Towers

6.5. Farm