The Looking Glass Wars

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The Looking Glass Wars by Mind Map: The Looking Glass Wars


1.1. Covers

1.1.1. front cover circular golden symbol title and author desert wide castle flying creatures

1.1.2. back cover mushrooms grass and sky

1.2. Outlook and layout

1.2.1. hard cover

1.2.2. lilac, blue, golden, beige

1.2.3. robust book

1.2.4. 56 chapters

1.3. 2004 (UK) 2006 (US)


2.1. lives in LA. I wasn't able to find is birthdate.

2.2. 2006 after having been an athlete and actor. Modern author.

2.3. Best known for the Alyss of Wonderland trilogy

2.4. inspired by the classic world of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.


3.1. literary genre

3.1.1. A mix of Fantasy and realistic fiction

3.2. Plot

3.2.1. Alyss Heart is Wonderland's princess. In her queendom imagination is the main source of power. She's turning seven when her evil aunt Redd breaks in her palace disturbing the peace of wonderlanders, and robbing her mother's reign. She's forced to flee Wonderland entering our world and meeting new people such as Queen Victoria's youngest son, Leopold, or famous author Charles Dodgson. In the meantime, her fellow citizens back in Wonderland are planning a rebellion against Redd. They hope they'll see Alyss again as the leader of their rebellion. To do it successfully Alyss will have to cross the looking Glass Maze.

3.2.2. climax Hatter Madigan informs in Wonderland that Alyss is alive. Alyss goes back to Wonderland. Everyone's plan.

3.3. Physical and psychological description of characters

3.3.1. Main characters Alyss: she's a beautiful girl "she was going to grow into a beautiful girl" p. 123. In our world she was called "Odd Alice" p. 149. But later she became "a thoughtful, well-read young woman, with opinions on a variety of topics" p.163. Dodge: Alyss' childhood best friend. She later fell in love and saw him as a "handsome and brave and kind and intelligent" p. 112 with "almond-shaped eyes, a nose that had probably been broken more than once, and dusty, disheveled hair" p.192. Hatter Madigan: Alyss' and her mother's bodyguard. He's one of "Wonderland's elite security force" always "stoic and alert" p. 22. Queen Redd: Alyss' evil aunt. she's full of "hurt and resentment" p.55 towards her parents and her sister. She was isolated for being a "bad girl"p.55

3.3.2. secondary characters Queen Genevieve and king Nolan: Alyss' parents and queen and king of Wonderland. The queen was fair and cared for her people, she "ruled her queendom judiciously, with care for the well-being of her people" p.10. As for king Nolan, "he loved his wife"p. 18 and was a caring father. Bibwit Harte: Alyss' and every other queen of Wonderland before her's mentor. He "was an albino, seven feet tall, with bluish green veins pulsing visibly beneath his skin, and ears a bit large for his head" p.21. "He was rather intelligent, but he had the habit of talking to himself"p. 21. The Cat: A "face act-like, with a flat pink nose, whiskers, and slobbery fangs"p.50, it was "Redd's top assassin, part human, part feline." p.50

3.4. Time and setting

3.4.1. Wonderland

3.4.2. Victorian England

3.4.3. France

3.4.4. Around 1800's



5.1. Author's style

5.1.1. figurative language personification: "The dandelion's petals moved and from the bud at it's center came a thin voice" p. 104 Simile: "her skin like smooth, unblemished ivory"p.190 Imagery:"looking glass halls that branched and snaked into the distance, past mirrored alcoves and dead ends."p.301

5.1.2. omniscient point of view

5.1.3. Foreshadow: "How could he have known that the precautionary measures he was about to take would prove useless, that it was already too late?"p.46

5.1.4. Frame story: p.155 Hatter's legend

5.1.5. symbolism: the looking glasses.

5.2. Message

5.2.1. First, an entertaining propose, then deep reflection about values. Also, the author wants to propose a what if? It's a narration that brings the myth of Alice one step closer to reality,

5.3. Tone

5.3.1. Serious tone even thought there's fantasy in it.


6.1. what I liked

6.1.1. explanation of the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

6.1.2. Excellent narrative

6.1.3. Catchy descriptive style

6.1.4. the characters

6.2. what I disliked

6.2.1. love story not developed

6.2.2. Mad Hatter's attitude changed.

6.3. Recommendation

6.3.1. fantasy, action and moral

6.3.2. style

6.3.3. reality mixed with fantasy