Operating Themes

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Operating Themes by Mind Map: Operating Themes

1. Make pre-sales customers want to contact us

1.1. Customers BATNA doesn't encourage them to contact us

1.1.1. Find drop off points and ask them to call us, using livenow (chat) logic

1.1.2. Ask customers if they are sales or support, ask if what they're viewing is useful

1.1.3. Add ni.com/statename

1.2. Determine if they're system-level, ISR level, or transactional

1.2.1. Virtual FSE interacts with customer and sets up contact points with NI

1.2.2. Ask the customer if their looking for a system, a board for an exisiting system, or a custom application (have you seen how our other customers have used these products ... link to PL Community)

1.2.3. Use Sales Widget to market to customers based on stripes

2. Make ni.com collaboration core to ISR/FSE jobs and core to C/C collaboration

2.1. Use system diagram tools to allow employees / customers to communicate how things work

2.2. expand ... content generator

3. Always remind internal/external customers of the value of ni.com channel

3.1. Create a new welcome to ni.com email, include regional ISR/FSE, show-off parts list

3.2. Include Profiler link in all leads

3.3. Include link to collaborate in all printer-friendly versions

3.4. Include link to collaborate in all advisor interactions

4. Make customers beg for UP

4.1. Use same queries in Profiler in MyNI

4.2. Show customers value of UP through collaboration

5. Make the long tail cheaper by making customers market to other customers

5.1. expand more on this ... PL -> community

6. New node

6.1. New node