Medical Centre Campaign

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Medical Centre Campaign by Mind Map: Medical Centre Campaign

1. Challenges

1.1. Managing patients appointments

1.1.1. Patients not showing up

1.1.2. rescheduling appointmets

1.1.3. Reminding patients of appointments

1.2. Internal network slow

1.2.1. slow switches

1.2.2. bottle necks

1.2.3. data broadcasting

1.3. High cost of calls

1.4. Call management and transfering

2. Solutions

2.1. MC can do marketing

2.1.1. On Hold advertising notifications and announcements xmas advertising Flu Jab

2.2. Managing patient appointments

2.2.1. SMS reminders

2.2.2. Email reminders

2.3. Speed dials to emergency services

2.4. reduce cost of calls via SIP

2.5. Call flow management

2.5.1. Free's up staff to care for patients

2.5.2. Automated attendant

2.5.3. Voicemail Pro

2.6. Mobility for GP's

2.7. Security of information

2.8. We can link up more than one sight cheaper

3. Threats

3.1. Medical Director may already do most of these functions

4. Questions to ask/Things to Do

4.1. Print off the latest Medical Vertical information

4.2. What can IP Office 4.2 offer?

4.3. Research local medical centre governing bodies

4.3.1. Prime Health

5. The Call

5.1. Introduction/Value

5.1.1. Start with cost saving - New technologies allow this VoIP SIP

5.1.2. Increase in productivity for staff Remote access Save money and increase productivity with auto attendant

5.1.3. Increased security

5.1.4. Increased functionality

5.1.5. Company Profile

5.2. Open Questions

5.2.1. What issues are you currently experiencing with your system?

5.2.2. What is important to you and your organisation?

5.2.3. Wouldn't you like to free up your reception staff for more face to face customer service?

5.2.4. Would you like the GP's to access remotely?

5.3. Strategy

5.3.1. Contact practice managers/principal GP to get onto governeing body contacts

5.3.2. Use the PM/GP to intiate a meeting

6. Targeted Surgeries

6.1. Local GP managed/Sole practice

6.2. Larger Group managed practices

6.3. Dates and locations

6.3.1. NORTH until 17/08/08

6.3.2. EAST until 14/09/08

6.3.3. SOUTH until 12/10/08