The Canadian Government #2

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The Canadian Government #2 by Mind Map: The Canadian Government #2

1. How a bill is made into law

1.1. First the Executive Government which is made of the Prime minister( Elected by the people) and the Ministers propose bills

1.1.1. THE FIRST READING The bill then goes to the House of commons which recieves it and debates over whether it is good or will benefit Canada SECOND READING The principle of the bill is debated: does the bill represent good policy The Committee stage – members of the public appear as witnesses to comment Report stage (the committee report is considered by the whole house) Third reading (final approval of the bill) The bill is either re-sent to the other house or is set aside for Royal Assent – committee members study the bill in detail, clause-by-clause – the committee adopts a report, with or without amendments

2. Legislative Branch

2.1. Represents the voters and the interest of all Canadian Regions

2.2. Made of the House of commons and the senate . And there Approval is key to making a bill a law.

2.3. All of the decisions made in the house of commons and senate is mainly made by the party with most seats

3. Judicial Branch

3.1. Generally made of the Supreme court and other provincial and territorial courts

3.1.1. Consists of nine judges, including the Chief Justice of Canada

3.2. Interpret laws and enforce them to both the public and government

3.3. Can also strike down laws if contrary or against the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms

3.4. They are basically the last level that a bill should go through to become law . After a bill has been approved by the legislative branch

4. Governor general

4.1. The Governor General represents the Monarch of Canada , always make sure that there is a Prime minister and is part of both the Executive and legislative branches of Government

5. Queen/Monarch

5.1. Formally the head of state of Canada

5.2. But because she can't always be here in Canada so she is represented by the Governor General

6. Executive Branch

6.1. All the power is gotten from or drawn from the party in power and the Monarchy

6.2. They are in charge of preparing budget(an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time) and also introduce bills that have to be approved by the legislative to become law

6.3. Consists of The prime minister and the Cabinet, which are ministers appointed by the Prime minister which are the only people that can propose bills

6.4. Oversees other government department(legislative and judicial)

6.5. If bills proposed by the Executive are defeated, it may be considered a vote of non-confidence, leading to an re-election because it means that the house of commons or senate doesn’t believe in the party in power