savvy sociogram Jorden Owens :MIbs

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savvy sociogram Jorden Owens :MIbs by Mind Map: savvy sociogram Jorden Owens :MIbs

1. grandpa bomba

1.1. his savvy is to make land

2. Will Jr

2.1. Has a crush on Mibs

3. samson

3.1. doesn't have a savvy yet because he is to young

4. Mrs. Roesmary

4.1. take care of the kids while the mom is out in the hospital with rocket visiting papa

4.2. she has a huspand name Mr. Roesmary and they are a chatholic family

5. Fish

5.1. Savvy contolls weather

5.2. 14 yeas old

6. Rocket

6.1. his savvy is to make anything work with eletricity

7. mama

7.1. Perfect

7.2. savvy makes everything perfect

8. papa

8.1. doesn't have a savvy

8.2. He is in the hospital for most of the book

8.3. he is in the hospital because he got in a car crash on mibs 13th birthday