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Champion AC Web Development by Mind Map: Champion AC Web Development

1. Nav bar

1.1. products

1.1.1. Air Conditioning and Heating Systems Amana Amana Distinctions Trane Lennox Carrier Goodman Rheem Ruud

1.1.2. Ductless Air Conditioners Mitsubishi Mr. Slim City-Multi Goodman Friedrich

1.1.3. Rooftop Packaged Systems Goodman Carrier Trane Lennox

1.1.4. Indoor Air Quality Systems Guardian Air UV Systems Guardian Air Reme Guardian Air standard Air Filtration Systems Trane Clean Effects Electrostatic Filters HEPA Air Filters April Aire Media Filters Pleated Air Filters 1" standard Filters

1.1.5. Air Duct Replacement

1.1.6. Attic Insulation

1.1.7. Thermostats Honeywell pro 5000 (gas) Honeywell pro 6000 (heat pump) Honeywell Prestige White Rogers 1291 (humidity control) Amana communicating thermostat Easy Reader

1.2. services

1.2.1. Residential Air Conditioning Repair Maintenance Agreements 24 hour emergency service

1.2.2. FREE Service Call with Repair

1.2.3. Commercial AC service Preventative maintenance programs Sheet metal duct design

1.2.4. Heating System Repair Gas Furnace system Carbon Monoxide Testing Heat Pump repair Electric heater

1.2.5. Residential AC Replacement Link to residential product page Importance of SEER Rating

1.2.6. Repair vs. Replace

1.2.7. Indoor Air Quality Service UV light installation humidity control electronic filtration

1.2.8. Air Duct Service Duct Cleaning Duct Repair Duct Sealing Air Return Duct enhancement

1.2.9. Air Duct System Replacement

1.2.10. Attic Insulation

1.2.11. Local and State Rebates

1.2.12. Financing Solutions SACU GE Money

1.3. Home Tab

1.3.1. About Us

1.3.2. Contact Us

1.3.3. Meet the Team

1.3.4. Why Choose Champion AC

1.3.5. Seeking Employment

1.3.6. Educational Resources HVAC Glossary Do-it-yourself

1.3.7. Energy Saving Tips

1.4. Media

1.4.1. Facebook Widget

1.4.2. Twitter Widget

1.4.3. YouTube Widget

1.4.4. Blogger Widget Ensure we are using our blogs to enhance content on our site.

1.4.5. photo gallery

1.5. Contact Us

2. Content

2.1. Currently our site is designed to capture service work. We want our site to show that we specialize replacing residential and light commercial AC systems.

2.2. The content on our Product pages should be written and displayed to help customers invest in the proper equipment.

2.3. Keyword Density will also be important, but these pages should be persuasive. 24 hour a day salesperson.

2.4. Use our optimized video to enhance our site. Our latest :90 spot should be featured on all landing pages.

3. Micro-sites

3.1. Helotes

3.2. Alamo Heights

3.3. Shavano Park

3.4. Stone Oak

3.5. Terrel Hills

3.6. San Marcos

3.7. Houston site

3.8. Leon Springs

3.9. Fair Oaks

3.10. Universal City

3.11. Bandera

3.12. Leon Valley

3.13. Hollywood Park

3.14. Anaqua Springs

3.15. Crown Ridge

3.16. Olmos Park

4. Link Building

4.1. What links will we be receiving from Boss? What pages should we attach them to?

4.1.1. New node

4.2. leased links

4.3. Affiliate Links

4.3.1. BBB

4.3.2. New node

5. Sample sites