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SIR by Mind Map: SIR

1. Phone Work

1.1. raw ideas

1.1.1. New Lease Calls Assign properties to agents Daily lists of new leases Review Ginn Web agent for yes/no

1.1.2. Trade Up Calls Lists created by house

1.2. Active

1.2.1. Cleaner calls Create groups in Act Create report in ACT Assign to agents

1.2.2. Property management Calls Create groups in Act Create report in ACT Assign to agents

1.2.3. cold call by street

2. Raw List

2.1. new rental listings

2.1.1. create prospect list manual review of websites for prospects by agent company review and list creation with controls

2.2. Update 2021 Weeks by agent sheet for rate setting

2.2.1. Show to Sam Cam

3. Landis

4. Account Manager project

4.1. Act

4.1.1. Durkin maps Import schedule

4.1.2. Ginn pyt dumps

4.2. Assign properties

4.3. select agents

4.4. Agent lists of reserved contacts

5. Field Work/Prospecting

5.1. Nick

5.1.1. Price Guarino Call Guarino Follow Up

5.1.2. Price Ranieri Call Ranieri

6. Rental Listing Project

6.1. VRBO

7. Development Projects/Prospects

7.1. 2021

7.1.1. 64th Street

7.1.2. 88th Street Get loan accounting

7.1.3. 61st Street

7.2. 2022

7.2.1. Projects 4701 Land Aquisition Construction 82nd Street Loan Sales Construction 18 45th Contracts Construction 117 51st Construction 111 32nd Street Construction Out Sales

7.2.2. Prospects Razzi Milligan

7.3. Template

7.3.1. Land Aquisition Contract For Sale Settlement

7.3.2. Construction Demolition Pinelands Utilities Unit Work JF Review with JF

7.3.3. Out Sales East Unit Selections West Unit Selections

8. Yacht Club Of Sea Isle City

8.1. Speak with Jim Collins

8.2. Plan a meeting with Kaitlyn (wedding planner) and Jim (10 am 12/4.2021)

8.3. Have Kristie send out email to owners open to new opportunity for nightly wedding rentals

9. Marketing

9.1. Postcard Marketing

9.1.1. Sell or buy another postcard

9.1.2. Listings By Zone

9.1.3. Company Branding Merger Announcement Property Management Postcard Whole House renovation Postcard Paint Postcard

9.2. Eblasts

9.2.1. Emarketing 2017 Eblasts 1 per week 3 property template 2018 Eblasts 1 per week 3 property template Eblast for sale leads Design Eblast

9.2.2. Act Questions

10. Nicole

10.1. To Do

10.1.1. Project sheets to tim shea

10.1.2. contact Frank Bank

10.1.3. 47th Street Construction Loan

10.2. Project Ongoing

10.2.1. Taxmap Update Project Taxmap sold last 4 years Enter in ACT

10.2.2. Tear down Letters

10.2.3. SIR Development LLC Accounting for all projects monthly resolve of accounts Update Project sheets in google Insurances Agent Support Documents

10.2.4. Cleaner Project MAJOR CLEANER LIST Trish Create Form Phone Call second round assign agents to phone team Develop App with eugene Enter act cleaner info into ginn Dump report assigne for entry develop ginn report of cleaner fields

10.2.5. Logo Project

10.3. Ideas

10.3.1. Virtyal Sea Isle Project

10.3.2. Property management Contractor Coordinator Cleaning customer relations Design Postcard

10.3.3. Floorplan Project

11. Justin

11.1. To Do

11.1.1. Calls

11.1.2. Tasks Control over all Google Listing Control over phone messages at sgc locations Phone messages at Landis and SIR signs to sgc glassboro

11.1.3. Projects Launch website for Landis SGC Website

11.2. Mailer

11.3. eblast control of SIR and Landis

11.4. Signs for Property mgt

11.5. mailer for Property Management

11.6. Manage Vinnie Guide pages