The Four Step Formula To Financial Freedom (FF = CF > EXP)

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The Four Step Formula To Financial Freedom (FF = CF > EXP) by Mind Map: The Four Step Formula To Financial Freedom (FF = CF > EXP)

1. STEP 3: 90% of ALL Self-Made Millionaires Do THIS (And You Should Too)

1.1. Own: Real Estate Basics

1.1.1. The Henry Ford approach to Real Estate You HAVE to be the CEO The Investor vs. Operator Unique Ability Acquisitions Capital Rehab Marketing Tenant Screening Collections

1.1.2. Do what the wealthy did (to become wealthy) not what they are doing

1.1.3. How to DO Real Estate: Passively Education Team Opportunity

1.1.4. Game Plan Begin with the End In mind (dominos) Calculate your FREEDOM/ STRIKE Number

1.1.5. Aquisition Funnel Location, location, location Cash on Cash Return Case Study: S New Florrissant Gross Rent Multiplier Cap Rate HOW MUCH CASH GOES INTO YOUR POCKET EVERY MONTH

1.1.6. Rent vs. Lease Option Renter vs. Owner Mentality Skin in the Game Non Refundable Option Deposit Sweat Equity Low Maintenance Cost Above market Rent Proper Forms and Agreement Lease Option Powerpoint

1.1.7. How to take your TIME out of Real Estate Investing How to receive CASH FLOWING Real Estate deals sent directly to your email In Box

1.1.8. The Four components of a Real Estate deal Time Capital Credit Expertise

1.1.9. The System required to Scale Acquisitions Off Market Deals MLS Networking Auctions Evaluating the Deal Financing Rehab Market to Tenants Tenant placement Screening Closing the deal MANAGEMENT: THE INFINITE LIABILITY

1.1.10. 90 Days to Cash Flow

1.1.11. Why to NEVER use your IRA for Real Estate

1.2. Financial Leverage: The Art of using OPM (Other People's Money)

1.2.1. Bank account of Bricks, 15 yr vs. 30 yr mortgage

1.3. Control

1.3.1. Real Estate "like" returns without doing R.E.

1.3.2. The World of Private Lending

1.3.3. Why does this opportunity exist, BANK vs. Private

1.3.4. 5 Keys to Successful P.L. Start with the Company LTV - Reduce Risk 1st Position Note & DOT Time Horizion Investor Oriented Multiple Exit Strategies

1.3.5. Choose your Niche

1.3.6. How to Turbo Charge your IRA with P.L.

2. STEP 4: Cash Flow Banking: The Ultimate Financial Tool of the Wealthy

2.1. Paradigm SHIFT

2.1.1. "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein That Banks Are For Short Term Savings And The Stock Market Is For Long Term Savings The Biggest Lie In AMERICAN Finance...

2.2. The Duel Goals of Savings

2.2.1. Goal #1: CASH FLOW

2.2.2. Goal #2: Growth (Compound Interest) "Compound Interest is the eight wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it...he who doesn't...pays it." Albert Einstein The PROBLEM: You Don't Earn Compound Interest!

2.3. Follow The MONEY Trail

2.3.1. Why do Banks have a bowl of suckers? Model What Works Three Rules of Banking

2.4. Becoming YOUR OWN BANK

2.4.1. The Uncommon Approach to Solving a Common Problem "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein Your Only Two Options Today

2.5. Producer or Consumer

2.5.1. You Can Use Your Personal BANK As A CONSUMER Or A PRODUCER Stuck Between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE Consumer: Efficiency

2.6. The AND Asset

2.6.1. AND 1 Play What if we could do the SAME with your Money

2.7. Duel Policy USe

2.7.1. Policy Loans Private Controled Leverage The AND Asset Short term and long term goals with the same $ Real Estate Case Study

2.7.2. Policy Income Tax Free Income Voliitlity Buffer Cash Value + Death Benefit

3. STEP 2: THE BLACK BOX: The Investing Stratagies of the Wealthy

3.1. Your Savings Will Never Save You: Why Savers ARE Losers

3.1.1. Remember You Can't Only Save Your Way To Financial Freedom Traditional: Savings Rates Wade Phau Savings Rates Paper

3.1.2. Rich Dad Poor Dad What Is the KEY To Winning? What Is Money? What's The Problem? What is Inflation? You Can't (ONLY) Save Your Way to Financial Freedom 11 Secrets of Wealth: Mark Ford

3.2. You Can't Eat Your NET WORTH

3.2.1. Who Has More Wealth? In Traditional Finance What Is Measured? Net Worth: Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities. Put another way, net worth is what is owned minus what is owed. How Should Wealth Be Measured? Cash Flow: Income that continues to be generated after an initial investment of time, money, and effort. Cash Flow Indicator of REAL Wealth Middle Class Wealthy CASH FLOW Patterns How Wealthy Are You? This Principle Changed My Life

3.3. The Four Keys to Unlock THE BLACK BOX

3.3.1. The McDonald's Approach to Wealth Products Systems The Foundational Wealth Tool: KEY FOUR

3.4. The Four Pillars of THE BLACK BOX

3.4.1. The Four Pillars: The Ultimate TOOL of the Wealthy How Do You Make Money In An Investment? 1. Appreciation 2. Cash Flow 3. Tax Advantages 4. Leverage Case Study

3.5. Your Scarcest Resources

3.5.1. Your TIME The Purpose of Savings: BUY YOUR TIME BACK

3.5.2. Your MONEY Where You Put Your Money Will Make ALL The Difference On How Fast (If Ever) You Accomplish Your Goals My Story

4. STEP 1: Why You'll NEVER Have the Retirement That You Want Using Traditional Strategies

4.1. The BIG Difference Between Average and Actual Rate of Return And Why You're On The Losing Side

4.1.1. Perception VS. Reality Most Discover the Problem TOO Late Personal Finance: What We're Taught To Do The GAP Between an Average and Actual ROR The PERCEPTION Of The Market The REALITY Of The Market

4.2. The Tinsy Winsy Lie That Built A Trillion Dollar Wall Street Machine

4.2.1. The Traditional Approach to the AMERICAN DREAM The Bait: The Magic of the Market Dave Ramsey says you can earn 12% in the Market Dalbar Says the Market Averages 9.2% Over 14 Trillion Dollars in IRA & Market Based Accounts

4.2.2. Have You Ever Felt Like This Before The Switch: The Reality 92% of Americans believe there is a retirement crisis 71% of don't believe they'll be able to retire in comfort Nearly 50% of middle class will retire at – or near – poverty 2 out of 3 retirees rely on Social Security for 50% of their retirement income, and 1 out of 3 rely on it for at least 90% 61% of Americans are more concerned about outliving their money than they are about dying.

4.2.3. Don't Count On The Stock And Bond Markets To Make You Wealthy

4.3. The Big Squeeze of your 401(k)

4.3.1. My Story

4.3.2. The Three Wealth Buckets

4.3.3. The 4 Rules of Wall Street Rule #1: You Have To Do All Of The Work Rule #2: You Have To Put In All Of The Money Rule #3: You Have To Take All Of The Risk Rule #4: We Will Leave Your Ownership Intentionally Vague

4.3.4. The BIG Squeeze Andy Tanner: 401(k)aos Tony Robbins: Your Retirement is Just a 401(k) Away

4.4. The Three Wealth Destroyers That Will Eliminate 97% (Or More) Of Your Wealth

4.4.1. The TRUTH About Market Returns The Impact of ONE Degree Fee's Taxes Inflation

4.5. How The Looming TAX Disaster Will Destroy Your Retirement - And What To Do About It.

4.5.1. Disclaimer Pop Quiz "That Makes Me Smart"

4.5.2. The TAX Lie That Your CPA Is Telling You That You Will Retire In A Lower TAX Bracket What Is Your CPA's Job & How Do They Show Their Value Today? You Lose ALL Tax Deductions You Are Taxed At Ordinary Income There is NO WAY Taxes Will Go Up...Right? What Does David Walker Say... The Tax Problem Is A FOUR LETTER word The Scary Reality What's Left? So Now What...

4.5.3. Zero Percent Retirement Retirement

4.6. Einsteins Simple Solution to Financial Freedom

4.6.1. My Story (Revisited)

4.6.2. What Does George Costanza Know About Financial Freedom?

4.6.3. The Definition of Insanity

4.6.4. What Do Goldfish Have To Do With Finance? Either...they Don't Know Or...they DO Know Either Way... You'll NEVER Have the Retirement You Want Using Traditional Stratagies

5. Who We Are And What We Do

5.1. Ryan D. Lee

5.1.1. My Path Bait and Switch Lesson Learned

5.2. Jimmy Vreeland

5.3. Brad Gibb

5.4. Bob Scott


6.1. The SCIENCE of Collapsing Time

6.1.1. The SCIENCE of Collapsing Time

6.1.2. Collapsing TIME In Your Financial Plan The Game Of Money Is Like Dominos Goals vs. Targets The Four P's To Your Financial Game Plan

6.2. STEP 1: The PIT

6.2.1. Your money is a scarce resource How much are you saving? Where are you putting your savings?


6.3.1. Question 1: What do you WANT?

6.3.2. Question 2: Why Does It MATTER? The Simple Equation: CF > EXP The Conversation is about TIME. How much TIME do your assets buy you?

6.3.3. Question 3: Who Must You BECOME?


6.4.1. The Present: BE REAL It is impossible to CREATE a NEW REALITY without a clear picture of your CURRENT REALITY Pay Yourself First

6.5. STEP 4: the PATH

6.6. Education, Team, And Opportunity

6.7. Case Studies