Whitcomb - Mibs Sociogram

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Whitcomb - Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Whitcomb - Mibs Sociogram

1. Rocket

1.1. He is Mibs' brother

1.2. His savvy is conducting electricity

1.3. He is the oldest Beaumont

2. Fish

2.1. He is Mibs' brother

2.2. His savvy is he can miss with the weather

2.3. He is the second oldest in the Beaumont family

3. Samson

3.1. He is Mids' brother

3.2. He doesn't ha have a savvy yet

3.3. He is Mibs' little brother

4. Gypsy

4.1. She is Mibs' sister

4.2. She doesn't get her savvy for about 10 years

4.3. She is the youngest of the Beaumont family

5. Bobbi meeks

5.1. She is miss rosemary's dauter

5.2. She doesn't get a savvy

5.3. She likes rocket

6. Poppa

6.1. He is MIbs' poppa

6.2. He doesn't have a savvy

6.3. He got in a car crash coming from work

7. Momma

7.1. She is Mibs' mother

7.2. Her savvy is she is perfect

7.3. Even her mistakes are perfect

8. Grandpa

8.1. His savvy is he can extend land

8.2. He is mibs' grandpa

8.3. He is the oldest in the family

9. Will junior

9.1. He is a friend of mibs'

9.2. He has no savvy and will never get one

9.3. He likes mibs'

10. Miss rosemary

10.1. She is a friend of mibs'

10.2. She doesn't get a savvy

10.3. She planed her birthday party

11. Lester

11.1. Doesn't belong to family

11.2. He is taking mibs', fish, samson, bobbi, and will junior to salina

11.3. Is becoming a friend to mibs'

12. lill

12.1. Is becoming a friend

12.2. Is a waitress

12.3. Is not apart of the family