Engel - Mibs Sociogram

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Engel - Mibs Sociogram by Mind Map: Engel - Mibs Sociogram

1. Fish

1.1. Mibs' older brother by one year

1.2. His savvy is creating weather

1.3. He is protective of Mibs

2. Rocket

2.1. Rocket is the oldest brother

2.2. His savvy is electricity

2.3. He is 17, and he makes Mibs' hair stand up

3. Samson

3.1. Mibs' youngest brother

3.2. He doesn't have a savvy yet

3.3. He's pretty cool and he doesn't talk a lot

4. Grandpa

4.1. Mibs' grandpa

4.2. His savvy is making new places wherever and whenever he wanted

4.3. Pretty old but his savvy is cool

5. Gypsy

5.1. Mibs' sister

5.2. She doesn't have her savvy yet

5.3. She's three and is the youngest

6. Bobbi Meeks

6.1. Rocket's friend

6.2. Doesn't have savvy

6.3. Kinda bossy and might like Rocket

7. Poppa

7.1. Mibs' dad

7.2. Doesn't have savvy

7.3. He is in the hospital because his car got wrecked

8. Momma

8.1. Mibs' mom

8.2. Her savvy is being perfect

8.3. Doesn't talk that much and tries to help poppa

9. Will Jr.

9.1. Friend of Mibs

9.2. Doesn't have savvy

9.3. Pretty sure Mibs likes him

10. Miss Rosemary

10.1. The preachers wife

10.2. No savvy

10.3. Doesn't talk that much in book

11. Lill

11.1. A waitress at Emerald Truck Stop Diner and Lounge

11.2. No savvy

11.3. She is a very nice and helpful person

12. Lester

12.1. The bus driver

12.2. No savvy

12.3. Has tattoos that talk to Mibs