DNA data storage

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DNA data storage by Mind Map: DNA data storage

1. Application

1.1. potential replacement for traditional storage method

1.2. cost

1.2.1. 10 million in 2007 to 1000 in 2015

1.3. sustainably storing all data in the world

2. Disadvantages

2.1. data is read back at low speed

2.2. cost is still high

2.3. low access rate

3. References

3.1. Microsoft project

3.2. Nature article

3.3. Forbes article

3.4. Extreme Tech

3.5. MIT technology review

4. Advantages

4.1. DNA can be stored for thousands of years

4.2. DNA can store and retrieve information in a tiny molecule-->save space

4.3. enormous data produced by increasing electronic devices

5. Introduction

5.1. Reasons

5.1.1. Technology

5.1.2. Use of smartphones and computers

5.1.3. Data created

5.1.4. Use DNA to store the large amount of data

5.2. What Is It

5.2.1. store data in the base sequence

5.2.2. made artificially from synthesis machine

5.2.3. compact than traditional data storage method