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Activation of my blog by Mind Map: Activation of my blog
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Activation of my blog

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Technical Details I've learned

How to change a theme

How to suscribe to other blogs

How to add a background image to the theme

How to add categories withing a blog

How to make links to other sites

How to connect a blog to Facebook

How to add an "add to FB" for readers to press

How to add widgits

How to manage comments

How to change a blogs title

Sites I Have Discovered

MSN Blogs




Blog Articles I've Read

The Late Age of Print

I like blogs now?

Readers, Writers, and Web 2.0

A time for reflection

Plato, Rettberg, and Frost

Blogging in the literary world

Internet Articles I've Found

MySpace and Facebook

Interesting things I've Learned

Wordpress is Open Source

This means that Wordpress was created by a community of computer geeks and that anyone who wants to can change the source code into any which way, as long as they credit Wordpress in the final project


Created Class Wiki Account

Created Wiki Page On FB and Twitter