What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Definition of Technology - Final

1.1. In conclusion, "technology is anything useful invented by a mind" (Ted Talk, 2010). Technology is used every day and is around us constantly. It is not only a laptop or cell phone, but the way we use internet to communicate with someone across the world. It is the way we use electricity to light up a whole city. It is the way we make laws so that we know how to properly drive a car on the road. It is the way people construct homes and roads to use cars and use these "hardware" electronics. It is used in school to teach, used in the medical field to create new things to help those in need and even in sports when you need to use a ball to actually play the game (Microsoft, 2014). Technology goes far back to when there were only plants and animals. It can be described as the way we feed and cared for animals to reproduce and to use as food. It is the way we planted and cared for our crops. "Without technology we would not live very long" (Ted Talk, 2010). Without technology such as: tools, light, roads, plants, animals etc. we as humans would not live very long. Technology is all about the process of how things are done and the way the human brain works. Without humans, technology would not have progressed the way it has over the years. Technology is the whole world.

1.1.1. everything in the world

2. References

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3. According to an article called "Defining the word 'Technology' ... four times" it states that technology is broken into four categories. 1. Technology as Hardware - things we know as technology such as laptops and phones, but can also be tools, tables, cars, belts, and cans of pop (Dyer, 2010, para. 2). 2. Technology as Manufacturing - this has to do with the people who create our tables and cars and the process that goes into making the "hardware" which can include the electricity that gets these machines running (Dyer, 2010, para. 3). 3. Technology as Methodology - is the knowledge and knowhow that goes into the process and products of the last two categories. It has to do with the human mind itself and how we think of what we can advance or modify (Dyer, 2010, para. 4). 4. Technology as Social Usage - is the way we as a society use technology. For example, you reading a recipe results in you using technology (baking products, stove, water) to make food (Dyer, 2010, para. 5). With these four categories, the article describes that technology can be everything and anything that allows us human to use it, make it, and think of it.

4. From roads and fire to cell phones and cars, technology has advanced throughout the years. This idea of technology being only electronics has changed my perspective of technology so much in such short time. It is the "evolution of life, plants, and animals" (Ted Talk, 2010) that can help us define technology.

5. Creativity

5.1. The reason I chose to make a mind map was simply because I like the idea of how everything branches off from one topic. This was creative for me because I usually just use PowerPoint or Prezi due to the fact that's what I am used to and comfortable with. MindMeister is totally new for me and I thought that it would be creative for me to use something that I have never used before. I have also never done an assignment in a mind map form which definitely made me step out of my comfort zone.

6. What I though it was

6.1. Before I started taking this class, I thought that technology had to do with electronics such as: cell phones, computers, tablets, TV's etc. Anything that involved with receiving information or sending information whether it be news, talking to family, displaying pictures, was considered technology to me.

6.1.1. Tv

6.1.2. Computer

6.1.3. Phones

7. What I know now

7.1. After reading over the first module and watching the videos provided I have learned that technology goes far beyond just the basic electronics we know about. Technology is used every day and everywhere and used for different reasons and purposes. It is used for medical purposes, sports, and education. It is used to reunite families and to present information to everyone around the world. It is used when you want food, want to buy things, and have to make something (Tony Montez, 2014).

7.1.1. what is technology?

7.2. In this module, there was a video that was called "Microsoft's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial: Empowering" (Microsoft, 2014). where they go through the latest and greatest technology to ever be invented. It shows how technology has helped us advance in the medical world with helping people be able to walk again, talk, hear, and have their eye sight back. It shows us by being so advanced in technology we are helping the younger generations, and older, become more open to different opportunities to help them succeed in life whether that be in sports or education.

8. In the Ted Talk video provided in the module, Kevin Kelly goes into depth about "What is Technology". He mentions how according to Alan Kay "technology is anything invented after you were born" (Ted Talk, 2010). Things such as: stoves, fridges, cars, hammers, light bulbs etc. are all considered to be technology. Things that provide "differences, diversity, options, choices, opportunities, possibilities, and freedom" (Ted Talk, 2010) were all from technology and what it does for us.

8.1. clocks

8.2. Books

8.3. Light